Meeting minutes

Annual Meeting of 2024

  • The time and date that the meeting is held:  6:30pm, February 5th, 2024.
  • The name of the venue where the meeting is held:  Online/Virtual
  • Name of the organization holding the meeting:  The Bocain Foundation
  • The names of participants, as well as board members who were absent: None
  • Names of other non-board member attendees: None
  • Identify who is recording the minutes:  Pat Grasso
  • Purpose of the meeting:  Annual meeting and planning

Meeting Summary

  • 6:40 – Introductions are made
  • 6:43 – Creation of Conflict of interest, conduct, and confidentiality policy creation discussion.
  • 6:44 – All board members have stated that they do not want to add a new board member.
  • 6:45 – Trademarking the foundation name discussion.
  • 6:47 – The first piece of land conservation is likely to be in NY for learning purposes and to better understand the logistics/ins and outs of how this will all work. 
  • 6:55 – Meeting adjourned

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