Our Campaigns

to Protect Wilderness

What are we doing?

“Acquire land and preserve land that is at risk of being developed.”

There are an endless number of contributors to the loss of local ecosystems and it is our mission to protect land that is in jeopardy of being needlessly destroyed in the name of economy. Century-old forest spaces are being torn down and replaced with short lasted retail while abandoned properties are left to decay. In addition to spreading awareness of the importance of the environment, our goal includes acquiring parcels of land that will be at risk to future real estate development.

Why we’re doing it?

“To troll real estate development.”

Climate change experts have predicted receding coastlines in the US and up to a billion people forced to relocate due to climate disasters. There is speculation about where climate havens may exist in the future. These locations may see a huge influx of people, and widespread development, leading to more environmental destruction in the name of corporate profits.

How can you help us achieve our mission?

Tell your friends, family, and anyone else who wants a safer future for everyone.”

We are currently looking for people to help us spread the word about our mission. Tell your friends, family, and colleagues about our mission to put an end to unnecessary land development. Sign up for our email newsletter to find out about the future efforts of The Bocain Foundation.

Land Recycling Awareness

Build awareness that land recycling can be done efficiently and sustainably. It is a better option than tearing down century-old forests.

Wildlife & Habitat Protection

Wildlife is endangered by human activity and real estate development is a major catalyst for this. Natural paths and resources are divided up into neighborhoods diverting animals from their everyday needs.

Ecosystem Revitalization

We’ve damaged our environment in many ways, but not all is lost. There are many ways we can revitalize the landscape and rebuild local ecosystems at the same time.

Land Management Upkeep

Land acquisition and management will require ongoing upkeep to maintain and protect our efforts.

Let’s Put an End to the Unnecessary Environmental Destruction

JOIN THE MOVEMENT and help us protect natural habitats and wildlife

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